Good luck on your way home, Alessia!


Today Alessia spent her last working day in "Rūķītī". Everyone wanted to say- Thank you! for the time spent together. In 10 months, without realizing it, Alessia has fallen in love with everyone. A sensitive mind, a sweet smile and active hands could describe her. In a few days, Alessia will be able to meet her family and friends in Rimini. Have a safe and successful way home!

Friendship tree in the "RŪĶĪTIS" garden


To prove their contribution to kindergarden life , which I remember every day, this year's young volunteers, Alessia, Annette and Christoph Franz, planted a tree in the "Rūķītis" garden. Elm is currently blooming . Let the beneficial energy of the young people themselves remain in our kindergarten, in the form of a stick, and evoke memories of them for many years.



Today, after the activities of the project "Stronger together 2", the kindergarden  team thanked Alessia, Annette and Christoph Franz for the creative day and the work of the whole year in "Rūķītis". The young people were greeted as full-fledged employees of the "Rūķītis" family, who have done responsible work and plan further goals in their lives.

Let's do together!


On 1st of June, young volunteers Alessia, Annette, Christoph Franz organized interactive workshops for children of all groups in the kindergarden  area.The activities were interesting, varied and very appropriate for the children's age. The young people were active in encouraging the children to get involved. The cooperation skills of young people have greatly improved in recent months. They are able to independently plan and implement their plans, communicating with kindergarden staff ...



At the end of May every year - graduation for kindergarten graduates. Happy and sad at the same time. Bright flowers, songs and good wishes - going to school! Good luck, Butterflies!     More photos in the gallery

New teacher- Alessia


The 3-year-old group "Bizmārītes" spent a creatively active day together with Alessia. Over the past few months, Alessia has become a skilled teacher, able to carry out teaching activities with children, help children with their studies, and provide support to educators in their work with children in each of the kindergarden groups.   More photos in the gallery

Olympic Day 2021


Today, the 6-year-old group "Taurenīši", supporting the Olympic Day 2021, participated in the event organized by Gulbene region Children and Youth.

Let's go outside


Learning, games, laughter and a picnic in Spārīte Park. We enjoy the vegetables we picked up, this time forgetting about sweets. Healthy and happy!

We manage


The spring rays of the sun invite you to work hard. The owners of the plots arrange, plant and water their own planted flower and vegetable seedlings.

Joint games


We enjoy joint play and sports activities with our young volunteers Alessia, Annete and Christoph Franz. Every Wednesday, foreign friends come to the institution to encourage children to activities and a healthy lifestyle.

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