Good luck, Lea!


Within ten months  Lea became his own in our kindergarten  gat in Gulbene. Therefore  farewell brings with it satisfaction - for the development of Lea as a personality: learning the Latvian language, getting to know the Latvian mentality, Latvian cultural environment and traditions. Every day in kindergarten was enriched with Lea attractive and cheerful character: responsive, interested in everything new - learning about it, allowing for challenges. Lea's growth delighted the ...

Midsummer Solstic


The summer solstice is one of the brightest and most traditional festivals of Latvian annual customs. Together with the project members, David and Sven, Lea went to the Latvian natural landscapes, picking meadow flowers together and making wreaths from thirty-nine herbs. The meaning of each flower / plant was discussed together, placing it in wreaths. The sunny weather lured everyone into the lake water, allowing for refreshment, after which, round cheese and pies intensified for a joint pho ...

My time in Latvia


I had a really amazing time in Latvia. I liked to work with the kids and to make everyday wonderful. If I saw how cute they were my heart went open. I learned a lot for my live and I can say that I am a women now. I will miss all the teachers and stuff of the kindergarden. I really appreciate that I always was welcome. I had so great experiances and I was having fun everyday. I would choose this project again if I could. I will definitely come back. I wish you all a good time. The kindergard ...

Goodbye Lea!


The last working day of Lea, "Rukitis", lit by the June sun and filled with dear words. The children and teachers in each group had arranged attractive things to do with Lea. Tasks in the fields of language, art, sports and nature were experienced together. The last task for Lea, as the head of the cooking activities, was a master class dedicated to her, baking a lavish raberber sand cake, which, as a treat from Lea, left her every kindergarten employee with another warm smile. Well, Lea is ...

Happy birthday Lea!


The beginning of June in our preschool started with a beautiful holiday moment - the birthday of the volunteer Lea. Since September Lea has become a good friend to everyone in the kindergarten - both staff and children. This day brought a lot of smiles, love and a good words. Everyone greeted LEA. We are glad to be together!

Magic show


 Preschool “Rūķītis" performing accreditation within the framework of the program“ European Solidarity Corps ”and participating as a host organization in the volunteer work project "Stronger together"initiated by Gulbene 1st preschool No. 2019–1 – LV02– ESC11-002469 in September 2019 Lea Thurnher from Austria started volunteering. Duration of project activities - defined 10 months. During this school year Lea participated in in-class and out-of-class activities, group and institutional ...

English language course - exam


Starting from 2nd of October 2019. there was opportunity for preschool's workers to learn English. English course teachers were volunteers - Lea, Sven and David. Every week volunteers made materials to improve preschool's workers basic knowledge of English. Teachers were sensitive and supportive because level of knowledge and experience in English was different for every preschool's worker. After every English lesson there was chance to talk with teachers and better get to know culture of Au ...

Sports with friends


To make it possible for children who study at home to move with joy Lea prepares sports activities digitally. The video material is sent to the parents of the children by e-mail of the education system. Let's exercise together, friends!

Nature unites!


Currently the institution is actively improving the outdoor environment in the territory providing children with the opportunity to research living and non-living nature in the future. Initially we create a garden where perennial garden plants, flowering shrubs and forest, meadow flowering plants will coexist. The idea is to ensure the flowering of the garden from spring to autumn. Lea is also an active assistant in these jobs. Gardening and planting are done with the children. Nature unites!

We are happy to learn!


Due to the state of emergency declared in the country kindergarten teachers work remotely and prepare teaching materials digitally.Lea also continuing her housekeeping lessons "Cook with Lea!" and prepares videos for children who study at home.First the parents of the children receive a list of the necessary products in the e-mail of the education system and then a video tutorial in which step by step with Lea children together with the parents can prepare a meal for themselves. We are ...

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