To help develop enthusiastic, creative and successful personalities in an evolving and harmonious environment . 

Concept of the educational process offered at the institution:

Maintain the uniqueness of each child by seeing and developing their individual abilities.

 Family - provides upbringing, physical and mental health and versatile opportunities for the child's development: gaining social, emotional, intellectual, physical experience in a social setting (attending events, traveling, sports)

Preschool - provides children with:

      acquisition of skills, knowledge and skills;
      development of will and ability;
      acquisition and improvement of communication skills with peers;
      Latvian national culture - language, work and everyday culture, traditions

Purpose of the institution:

organizes the learning environment promoting educational development, purposefully implementing the teaching and upbringing process, promoting comprehensive educational development, taking into account his needs, interests, abilities and experience

Institution values:

honesty - action is based on the desire to improve, perfect, develop with one's work;


· Acts fairly and with equality;

· Mutual respect, helpfulness, cooperation, trust and support ·


· Perform the assigned tasks responsibly, using their knowledge, skills, abilities and work experience to achieve the best result;

· Is aware of the consequences of their actions or omissions and takes full responsibility for them


· Freely express their views, judgments and recommendations;

· Detected errors are indicated in person, without the mediation of third parties.

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